In IraLIS a database has been created whose records are generated by the authors themselves filling in a simple form.

Once the full name has been introduced, the system provides a list with the different variants that can constitute the personal iralis name.

Thus, for example, if the user introduces the name Josep Manuel Rodríguez Gairín, the system will offer him this range of options so that the user may choose the preferred iralis:

Rodriguez-Gairin, Josep-Manuel
Rodriguezgairin, Josepmanuel
Rodriguezgairin, J-Manuel
R-Gairin, Josep-Manuel
Rodriguez-G, Josep-Manuel
Rodriguez-Gairin, Josep-M
Rodriguez-Gairin, J-Manuel
R-Gairin, Josep-M
R-Gairin, J-Manuel
Rodriguez-G, JM.
Rodriguez-G, Josep-M

One of these iralis-compatible formats which, as can be seen, are always made up of two lines of characters, should be the fixed and universal signature format of any author of scientific-technical works liable to being collected by the databases and automated browsers. Optionally authors can add a letter (middle initial) between the first name (given name) and the family name (surname)(f. i., John F. Kennedy).

In addition to the variants proposed automatically by the system, each author can introduce their own variants, so long as they fulfil the IraLIS norms of validation. Thus, for example, an author may decide to sign with a different form of his name: Jose, Xose, Josep, Josef, Joseph, Pepe, Yussef, etc.

It may, however, occur that in official publications it is not possible to sign with the iralis name, or it may also be that the author does not want to use an iralis format. In these cases, the IraLIS register, with all its variants, both real and possible, will still be of great use when one wants to carry out exhaustive searches of the works of an author.