Anybody who studies and/or works in any aspect of science may register in IraLIS. Whether they have already published works, or are planning to do so in the future, they can (and should) open a file in IraLIS.

The sooner they adopt an iralis signature, the fewer problems they will encounter in the future localizing of their works.

The IraLIS project has been thought up above all for Spanish-speaking countries, which is where the largest number of ambiguities appears due to the length of the signatures and the fact that the surname considered to be the main one does not appear at the end. Nevertheless, whilst perhaps not being so serious, problems in the identification of authors arise in all languages (even in the Anglo-Saxon countries) for which reason any person may introduce their details.

IraLIS aims to be universal, for which we invite Arabic, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, etc., authors to introduce their names transliterated into English in IraLIS, given that the correct interpretation of their names is also frequently conflictive.

The following example shows the form authorized by the Biblioteca Nacional de España for the author Tomàs Baiget.

Ficha del autor Tomàs Baiget

But, however, it accepts Peset y Aleixandre, Juan Bautista (1886-1941) as correct, a form of name that we don’t even wish to imagine reflected in the databases of the Web of Science (Thomson-ISI) given time, since in the BNE alone there are 4 forms which, in combination, could give rise to an enormous amount of variants (Joan, Juan, Baptista, Bautista, y, i, without conjunction, without the second surname...):

Ficha del autor Juan Bautista Peset y Aleixandre

We have a recent example in the author Javier Guallar Delgado, who published an article in the journal El profesional de la información, and which appears in the ISI under his second surname:

DIALOG(R)File   7:Social SciSearch(R) 
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04456881   Genuine Article#: 108SN   Number of References: 19 
 Title: iMente, current information services online  
Author(s): Delgado J (REPRINT) 
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El Period Catalunya, Barcelona//Spain/ (REPRINT); Univ Barcelona, Fac
Bibliotecon & Documentacio, Dept Documentac, El Period Catalunya, Barcelona//Spain/ 
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ISSN: 1386-6710 
Language: Spanish   Document Type: Article 
Descriptors--Author Keywords: press information ; journalism information ; 
press clippings ; online clippings ; alert services ; news search engines ;
contents aggregation ; digital press ; iMente